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Sample » Have You Heard… 27/12/11

Have You Heard… 27/12/11

First of all, everyone at Sample would like to appologise for the lack of posts over recent weeks. The last month has been rather hectic for all of us so we haven’t really had much time to post anything new. To make up for this, we’ve decided to give you what we feel is our best ‘Have You Heard…’ to date. Enjoy!


Horse Meat Disco

A London based DJ collective who produce some of the best Disco mixes around and are the founders of perhaps the most important Disco club night in the world. The self named ‘Horse Meat Disco’ club night which is held every Sunday in the Eagle club in Vauxhall, London.

Listen to: Any of the Horse Meat Disco compilations, available from all good music outlets. For the time being, here’s a minimix.



At the age of 16, Emancipator self-released his critically aclaimed debut album ‘Soon It Will be Cold Enough’, which after gaining worldwide recognition online was later picked up by the legendary Japanese producer Nujabes, who helped Emancipator release his debut record in Japan. Six months after it’s release, the album sold 5,000 copies in Japan alone and in 2008 one of the tracks featured on the album, ‘Maps’, was played at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Well known for his clinical production style, Emancipator is an artist that can make you relax as well as dance, his music often submerges the listener and allows you to revel in the addictive drums and silky melodies.

Listen to: ‘Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Build Fires‘, ‘All Through The Night‘ & ‘Miles Above



A Brooklyn based duo who’s love for 90s house and twostep beats developed into a fantastic amalgamation of genres that comes from the genius of Travis Stewart (Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (Praveen & Benoît). Sepalcure is a fantastic collaboration who’s music works works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home.

Listen to: ‘Love Pressure;, ‘Fleur‘ & ‘Every Day of My Life


Balam Acab

2011 was a big year for Pennsylvania born producer Balam Acab, the 20 year old producer released one of this year’s most impressive albums ‘Wander/Wonder’. A truly haunting album that seems to exist in a world of it’s own making. For an electronic artist, ‘Wander/Wonder’ holds one of the most organic feels ever heard on such an album, with it’s unusual textures and distorted vocals that amalgamate into one of the most interesting albums of 2011.

Listen to: ‘Oh, Why‘, ‘Motion‘ & ‘Now Time



Originally from a tiny village in Switzerland, Dimlite’s sound is that of a new generation. His work has helped propel the electronic music genre to the dizzying heights of stardom that it has now reached. Having already released several albums and worked under a number of different aliases (including the fantastic ‘The Slapped Eyeballers’), Dimlite is one of the pioneers of modern music and if you haven’t heard him then you really need to as Dimlite’s harrowing sound is one to behold.

Listen to: ‘Ravemond’s Young Problems‘, ‘Kalimba Deathswamp/Kurt Feelingx‘ & ‘You Very Rich Believer


Uyama Hiroto

In my opinion, Uyama Hiroto is one of the greatest contemporary Japanese musicians around. Most well known for his early collaboration with Hip Hop legend Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto later went onto produce some of the best Downtempo/Nu Jazz albums that have been released over recent years. He is also responsible for creating a huge part of the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack, which the gamers out there will testify has one of the best soundtracks ever produced for a video game.

Listen to: ‘One Dream‘, ‘Stratus‘ & ‘Colour of Jade



An Ontario based producer who cites his main influences as Batman and Sega. A fantastic Downtempo Instrumental Hip Hop producer who is helping build the Canadian music scene from the ground up.

Listen to: ‘DANCE‘, ‘The Love‘ & ‘Mistery



Mweslee is a Spanish producer who got into producing Hip Hop after spending his earlier years playing bass in a rock band. During the late 90s Mweslee started to develop an obsession with Hip Hop and later started Djing in clubs around Spain, dropping a mix of Rap and Acid Jazz. Since then, Mweslee has become one of Spain’s most loved producers.

Listen to: ‘Donkey Stomp‘, ‘Pino Mino‘ & ‘Nova Olimpia



Just when you thought the brilliant Brainfeeder record label couldn’t get any better, out comes Matthewdavid. An LA based Hip Hop producer, who has received the backing of the elite creative circles in LA. Matthewdavid is one of LA’s most exciting up and coming producers, who’s already done a number of collaborations with household names such as Flying Lotus and Dogbite.

Listen to: ‘Know You’re Not Alone’, ‘All You’ll Never Know‘ & ‘Like You Mean It‘ 



Juj is not only know as the co-founder of the Wedidit collective, a label who’s roster holds such brilliant names such as Shlohmo and Groundislava. He is also well renowned for his glitchy Hip Hop beats which have helped build the infamous LA beat scene of recent years. One of the pioneers of modern Hip Hop, Juj is a fantastic artist who demands respect for both his building of a fantastic record label and for helping to pioneer one of the world’s most exciting music scenes.

Listen to: ‘Sunday Bouncer‘, ‘Pomegranate Limeade‘ & ‘My Room


Take (Sweatson Klank)

Over recent years Take aka Sweatson Klank  has risen to the top as one of the new generation’s finest producers. With ten years of experience, Take has developed his own brand of modern Hip Hop, fusing together elements of the future-beat scene with hints of avant-garde Jazz. Which has culminated together to make him one of the most ground breaking artists of recent years.

Listen to: ‘Mirrors‘, ‘Dream Suite‘ & ‘I Miss My Brain


Joy Jones

As a child, Joy Jones grew up singing in churches and working as a spoken word performer, since then she’s grown into one of the most exciting and promising Future Soul musicians. Recently she released her fantastic ‘Godchild’ album which has since become one of the most underrated Soul/R&B albums of recent years.

Listen to: ‘Constellations‘, ‘Over‘ & ‘This Too



Mimasu is one of Hong Kong’s most promising up and coming artists. Already a master of instrumental Hip Hop, his remixes of Whitney Houston and Dizzee Rascal are some of the most innovative and original I’ve heard in a while. Definitely a name to look out for in the near future.

Listen to: ‘Bolide‘, ‘My Love is Your Love‘ & ‘Rikko


Evil Needle

Evil Needle is proof that practice makes perfect, ten years ago Needle first started ‘producing’ music with his friend in Berlin on a rather outdated piece of software known as ‘Hip Hop ejay’, since then he fell in love with the idea of producing music and has since moved onto producing music via more capable means which has resulted in him becoming one of the most promising underground producers of recent years.

Listen to: ‘The Strongest Man‘, ‘Hope‘ & ‘Loungin’


Fama Eightyseven 

Fama Eightyseven is the epitome of the influx of Eastern European music that has been flooding our airwaves over recent months. A Saint Petersburg based producer who for the last few years has been helping to develop the Russian underground music scene, and what a job he’s been doing.

Listen to: ‘Outer Seven‘, ‘Lotus Roots‘ & ‘Solaris





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